First Cruise Complete

Monday, January 30, 2017

I started my first pass of recording the bigger trees in our forest back on Nov 4th, 2016 and just finished last week.

The objective was to identify every large tree (greater than 80 inches in circumference) or trees of significance -- an arbitrary term that included big snags, big hardwoods or something I felt was important.

The total count was 197 and here's the breakdown:

  • Hemlock      - 41% 
  • White Pine   - 20%
  • Maple         - 15% 
  • Spruce        - 7% 
  • Beech         - 5% 
  • Oak            - 5% 
  • Yellow Birch - 4% 
  • Ash             - 3% 
I knew we had a lot of bigger trees, but didn't appreciate the quantity.  And the diversity was a pleasant surprise -- Hemlock, White Pine and Maple were the predominates but we have a strong representation of all the typical hardwoods and softwoods.

A couple of things the above doesn't convey:

  • lots of Spruce in the 60-75" circumference category that didn't make the first pass
  • way more Oak than expected
  • lots of clear Beech
Now what?

(Photos from the cruise will be on my Instagram feed this week)

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