Thursday, January 26, 2017

Two interesting, local programs are coming up in February:

Backyard Forestry workshop on February 11/12, 2017.  Jamie Simpson will introduce skills and reforestation practices for Nova Scotia’s forests including identification of common trees & plants, tools & techniques for working with small woodlots, basic ecology and low impact forestry management, how to increase wildlife habitat.

The Secret Life of Acadian Forest Flora by Melanie Priesnitz at Acadia University.  4 Friday mornings starting Feb 17, 2017.  Discover the wild plants of the Acadian Forest Region.  Learn about their ingenious habits and adaptations.  Explore folklore, history, horticulture and ecology of a group of diverse and unique plants.

And in March:

Western Woodlands Conference is taking place in Caledonia on Saturday March 4th.

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