The Layout

Monday, January 09, 2017

Our 150 acre farm supported three generations.

The woodlot provided firewood, pulp wood, saw logs and Christmas trees.  Cows pastured in what is now part of the wood lot.  Approximately 20 acres of fields provided hay and some crops ... I was told of an excellent strawberry patch at one point.

Its a tough property to work as we found out with our little work ponies when we first arrived. 1/3 of the property is on steep hillside rolling down to the Lahave River.  And when you crest the hill, it drops off again on the backside leaving only about 50 acres of relatively flat woodland on the west side.  Add a stream that runs thru the woodlot along with many watercourses ... its challenging geography.

But the view down the valley ... its magical.

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