Balance - part 1

Monday, March 27, 2017

"Balance - different elements are in the correct proportions"

Provincial news sources 1 2 are buzzing with opinion pieces about Nova Scotia's forest management.

My impression is that forest management in Nova Scotia is out of balance.

As a relative newcomer, I do not feel that I have the experience and understanding to intelligently comment on the various points of view for the province.

But I do have an opinion (and responsibility) to strike a balance on our property.  

This is an evolving process, but I would suggest it includes:
  • conservation -- of the forest and all things that live there
  • forest products -- what will we use, how will we get it
  • non-timber-forest products -- maple syrup, mushrooms, specialty wood, etc.
  • infrastructure -- boundaries, roads, bridges, trails, etc.

My version of 'balance' will be in part 2 next week.

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