Maple Syruping

Monday, March 20, 2017

First year syruping, here's my Top 3:

  1. way easier than I expected
  2. reducing the sap to syrup takes way longer than I expected
  3. Maple Syrup is about a billion times better than I expected
Found the trees (we started with 6 Sugar Maples), purchased spigots (new, small ones) and buckets/lids (excess gear from a local maple producer), drilled a hole on the south side about 2 1/2 feet up on a slight upward angle, inserted spigots, attached buckets ... and like magic, they filled.

To reduce the sap, we used two roasting pans on our gas barbecue.  Six hours later, 20 liters of sap was 500ml of golden brown syrup.

Ok, its from our trees and it was our labour ... which is going to make anything taste better.  But the syrup was *so* good.  

I think we've found a new spring ritual.

There are many beginner videos and articles online, I found this one particularly helpful.

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