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Monday, March 06, 2017

Smartphones provide many capabilities for the woodlot owner.  There's the obvious calling for help.  And photos when you need to capture information.

But there are many other useful apps.  Here are a couple of my favourites:

If you need to record the path you've taken or geo-reference points on your property so you can return at a later date, or take the data and load it into a map like Google, Handy GPS is the tool for you.  Well designed and relatively simple to use, it is a very capable smartphone based GPS.

Available for android and ios, there is a free version (limited number of saves) and a full version for about $5.  Best $5 I ever spent.

Not sure what bird you're looking at?  Merlin takes you thru a simple process to figure it out.  And if you take a descent photo, it will look-up likely candidates.

Free, its from Cornell Lab -- the folks that conduct the Great Backyard Bird Count and other bird related activities.

I just downloaed this one and it looks very promising ... Useful Nova Scotia Plants provides a listing of edible and non-edible plants. Browse by alphabetical listing, filter by tags, search by name, and then view details and photographs. Also a glossary.

There are lots of good eats in the forest.  Get it wrong and the consequences can be nasty, even fatal.  This app should help billing itself ...'A guide to harmful and poisonous plants in Nova Scotia. Content provided by Marian Munro, botany curator of the Nova Scotia Museum.'

Free, I could only find the link for android.

Do you have a favourite, go-to app when you head out into the forest or your woodlot?  Add it in the comments below.

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  1. We are working on an app to help Nova Scotians measure and catalogue the features of old forests on the ground. It's not totally finalized yet but you can contact for more info or track