Balance - part II

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

"Balance - different elements are in the correct proportions"

Elements?  I would suggest:

  1. the users
  2. what you get 
  3. what you give
1- Users

This one is easy for us -- its my wife, our dog and me.

2- Get

No question, the biggest 'gain' for us is the personal enjoyment we get from walking in our forest.

There's other things ... poles for our deer fence, maple sap for our syrup and I'm hoping we'll finally get to taste wild mushrooms this year.

Sawlogs as well.  Grooming them for the long term fits in well with our primary use.

3- Give

We didn't do anything in our forest for 25 years except pay the taxes and clean up branches across our walking trails.  She did very well on her own, thank you very much.

The thing is -- stuff happens.  And if you don't have a way to deal with it, you are left hanging.

For example, what happens if the tax laws change for woodlot owners?  Or someone decides that your vacant woodlot is a good place to {fill in the blank}?

Before things get crazy, its prudent to take a few proactive steps:.
  • meet your neighbours *before* things get weird
  • know your boundary lines -- good fences make good neighbors
  • join one of the foresty associations so you have a heads up about things that might affect you ... NSWOOA speaks to me, there are many others
  • attend one of the forest meetings -- in one day you will find out all kinds of things about your woodlot and have a face-to-a-name that could come in handy
  • checkout workshops that deal with things that are important to you -- how to use a chainsaw, building bridges, how other people manage their forests, forest management, market opportunities, how to identify flora and fauna, pest identification, etc.
Our Sweetspot
  • 25% of our forest is old -- we'll leave it alone, primitive trail access
  • 25% is mainly hardwood -- we'll use it for maple syrup, animal feed/habitat and potential saw logs
  • 25% is farmland
  • 25% is old field turning back to forest -- we'll selectively cut when we need wood for poles or other projects, encourage multi-species, uneven age growth
That's our balance.

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  1. credibility would have taken a big hit if you had completely different ideas! 😄

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  3. My family has a piece of multi-aged Acadian forest between lying between clearcuts that sits "idle"; a good way to look at it. Thanks