Mapling - final tally

Monday, April 17, 2017

I just put away our mapling gear, season #1 is over and here's the synopsis:

  • we collected about 50 liters of sap from 6 trees
  • 2 trees were 'stars' giving us over 50% of the sap (suggests I put the spigots in the wrong place)
  • collection took about 10 minutes most days and was an enjoyable way to spend a late winter day 
  • we had three boils, each taking a minimum of 5 hours
  • in total, we made just over 1 liter of maple syrup
  • our costs were $60 for equipment and about $25 in propane

It would have been much cheaper to buy a liter of sap from a local supplier.  And I would have had an extra 20 hours.

But I wouldn't have had 1 liter of my very own maple syrup that tastes super delicious.  

And I'm already thinking about how its going to be even better next year!

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