Monday, October 16, 2017

Biodiversity : the variety of life in a particular habitat or ecosystem

At the Western Woodlot Conference this past spring, I met Emily Hale who is conservation program specialist with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.

Her group has prepared over 160 biodiversity plans for farms across Nova Scotia.  There is no charge to the landowner.

She spends a day onsite assessing the various habitats:

  • anything to do with water
  • hayfields
  • croplands/orchards
  • rough cover
  • shelterbeds & tree clumps
  • woodlands   
She then prepares a report; you can read our full report here (PDF file, about 20 pages)  While there is room for improvement, our farm and forest are quite biodiverse.

A couple of things that I found very useful:

  • it's an independant, non-biased assesssment that provides a useful reality check
  • its a benchmark
  • Emily provided a very good overview and the specific recommendations will be very helpful
Interested?  Contact Emily (902-679-6733) for more information.

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