5am Owl Wakeup Call

Monday, November 06, 2017

It's another 5am wakeup call.

Stella hears the Saw Whet and bolts upright.  And then from another corner comes the call of a Barred Owl.  This is too much for our little dog so she joins in.

10 minutes later, all is quiet.

What's up?  Why are owls calling in late October?  And I thought they were territorial and didn't mix??

According to Cornell Lab of Ornithology ... "Several species (of owls) begin nesting as early as midwinter, which is one reason why you can often hear them in fall and winter, when most other birds are quiet."

And I'm guessing the Saw Whets and Barreds are working out their territory.  At more than twice the size, Barreds usually win.

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