Monday, January 22, 2018

Mama Ash
We're looking for stories to be a part of the Giants to Lunenburg County.

How did a tree impact your life?  Tell us!

Mama is a story about an enormous White Ash that looked over our house, barn and all the people that lived here for over 150 years.



The weather had been quiet that fall.

Most years we had a big blow in late September that stripped the first leaves to change colour.

Not that year.

And the biggest Ash on our property -- we called her Mama because you could see see her many offspring around the field -- had completely changed.

Her leaves were always a deep, almost purple colour.

And there were a lot.  Thousands, millions???

It was just before Thanksgiving and I was cleaning up under Mama when one leaf fell.

Then another.

And then she released them all.  

It was like the perfect snowfall.

And after five minutes she was bare and the ground was deep in her leaves.

It was a magical moment.


Sadly, we had to remove Mama because she had a large split in her trunk with half the tree poised to fall on the house and the other half on the barn.  But her many children live on.

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