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Monday, April 09, 2018

1 + 1 = 5

Nova Scotia has over 30,000 small woodlot owners representing approximately 60% of the total forested area ... in a province that is 3/4s covered by trees.

You'd think there would be a powerful forest lobby, all working together to look after their interests.

Actually not.

There are many small associations/special interest groups with relatively small memberships.

It seems that we have a difficult coming together.

So why should a woodlot owner in Western Nova Scotia care about the new [ Western Woodlot Services Coop ] ?  A couple things come to mind:

  1. for a one-time fee of $100, you become part of the coop and have access to [ their services ]
  2. they are very inclusive about landowner values ... there is a place for everyone
  3. perhaps I'm naive, but my sense is that there is a movement in the forest sector to work together.  You can watch from the sidelines or be part of it
WWSC has assistance from the Nova Scotia Government for 5 years to get up and running.  If you feel that a group will look after your interests and voice your concerns, don't wait too long to show your support with [ a membership ]

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