Biodiversity III - Our Turn

Monday, April 23, 2018

New Forest Biodiversity Field Guide
After my ill-fated attempt at a [ Biodiversity post ], I took an eight week course called [ Biodiversity and Global Change: Science & Action ]  from the University of Zurich thru [ Coursera ]

An excellent course, the three most important things I learned were :

  1. biodiversity works -- the science shows that more variety results in a healthier, more robust environment which will be even more important in a changing climate
  2. humans by far have the biggest impact on our planet
  3. humans also have the biggest ability to have a positive impact
There are big causes you can connect with such as the [ Convention on Biological Diversity

Or you can choose activities that directly affect you.  

This is where you may appreciate the new [ Field Guide to Forest Biodiversity Stewardship ] 

Very practical and action oriented, in the 131 pages you will find:

  • things in your forest that encourage diversity like cavity trees and coarse woody debris
  • special habitat like deer wintering areas and dens
  • water courses (golden for promoting diversity)
  • soil
  • species at risk
As a member of the species that currently sets the agenda, what are you going to do to make the world a little better place for all?

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