Silver Lining

Monday, April 16, 2018

Waterfals : w/o April 16
Silver Lining : setbacks have positive potential

With lots of enthusiasm for the potential to raise funds to help the fight against [ HWA ] , I started [ Giants of Nova Scotia ] back in February.

Things got off to a very encouraging start with lots of publicity and a flood of submissions to our photo contest for the 2019 calendar we would have for sale just before Christmas.

Then the reality set in.  That's 8 months away ... 35 weeks ... 245 days.

How could I ever keep any momentum over that time period?!?

My wife suggested I contact local Instagrammers about reposting their photos of trees and forests from around Nova Scotia.  Her experience had been very positive in the past ... maybe there would be some interest.

The response has been ... incredible.  So many talented photographers show our province in beautiful and creative ways.  I am so grateful for their support.

The format has evolved and I currently try to have a weekly theme -- last week was about getting back out on our our rivers and lakes and this week will be about waterfalls.  

There is always some connection to trees and/or the forest.

I can keep our message rolling --- 'celebrating the beauty of Nova Scotia's trees and forests...'

And every once in awhile there's a gentle message about invasive species and how you can help.

Feels more like gold than silver.

You can see our Instagram page (no membership required) at : [ ]

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