UPDATE - March 2019

We have moved to a nearby, 2 acre forested property beside Wentzell Lake and will continue the journey of discovery on a smaller scale.

About this blog ...

My principle reason for setting up this blog is to help me consolidate my thoughts as I rediscover my Acadian Forest.

About us ...

Together with my wife and our Jack Russell Terrier, we live on a 150 acre farm at Wentzell Lake, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, CANADA.  

We call our farm Meadowood --  a combination of the two things we planned to do when we moved here ... work in the meadows and the woods.

I had great plans for our forest when we moved here in 1990.  I joined a Forest Co-operative, had a management plan prepared and took part in several forest treatments.  Our sturdy draft ponies -- called 'Norwegian Fjord's' -- would help in our woods.

Alas, things changed and my focus was redirected to raising three children and our all-consuming business venture.

Children grow up ... business ventures end.   Its time to refocus on a love of my life.

Photos ...

All of the photos on the blog are taken in our forest.

There is also an Instagram page where I post photos from our forest and occasionally from other locations : https://www.instagram.com/myacadianforest  

The Instagram account is also linked to Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/myacadianforest

Most of the photos are taken with a cellphone (LG3 and LG5).  A friend loaned me their Digiatal SLR with a telephoto lens which is the bomb for taking bird pics :-)  I use Snapseed for photo editing.  I occasionally use a secret weapon .

A little history ...

When we first arrived, we were told that our place was known as the 'Mossman Farm' ... because Arnold Mossman had married Phylis Feneer 30+ years before.

But it was really 'the Feneer Farm'.  Caspar Feneer had come to this place in the 1850s to build a barn, house and clear the land.  He raised his family and two more would follow.  

Caspar must have been a romantic -- why else would you leave a relatively flat piece of land to build a new life on the side of a hill?!?

Way to go Caspar ... you picked a beaut!

Contact ...

I welcome any comments, suggestions and collaborations.  Use the Contact Form on the blog or any of the ways listed below.