Forestry at The Deanery

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I just took in a weekend Forestry Workshop at The Deanery.

The Deanery is about 65k east of Dartmouth in Ship's Harbour.  It was a church camp, repurposed 6 years ago as a 'community based environmental arts and education centre'.  Passionate people doing all kinds of really cool stuff.  And the facilities were excellent -- welcoming hosts, delicious food and cozy meeting/sleeping facilities. 

They partner with people to put on all kinds of different workshops.  Ours was led by Jamie Simpson, author of 'Restoring the Acadian Forest', a biology grad, turned forester turned lawyer who stays involved with real forestry work thru his woodlot and arborist activities.

I found it very beneficial to see another Acadian Forest and discuss options with knowledgeable people who have a different perspective than mine.  Time well spent.

And who knew that Jamie had special canine communication skills?  Sidney -- the dog -- chimes in, have a listen .. 

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