Biodiversity II

Monday, October 23, 2017

I was preparing to write a follow-up to last week's post called Biodiversity II that presented pithy insights into the topic of biodiversity.

As a white, university educated male, I believe that I know lots about everything.

Truth is, my research showed I am pretty ignorant beyond the obvious biodiversity is the variety of life in a particular habitat.

How to correct my deficiencies?  I could BS my way out of it.  I could wrap it in a lot of 'motherhood statements'.  Maybe a link to Wikipedia.

I gotta do my homework.

So I signed up for a university level course through Coursera called Biodiversity and Global Change: Science & Action put on by the University of Zurich.

Not familiar with Coursera?  They provide online, university level courses on a wide variety of topics from some of the best universities around the world ... for free.

So there will be a Biodiversity III ... sometime in January after I finish the course.  I'm optimistic it will be more informed.

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