A Year in My Acadian Forest

Monday, December 04, 2017

Acadian Forest reflected in a Vernal Pool 

Think of something really cool you did for the very first time.  All your senses were on hyper-drive as you soaked it up.

That was 2017 for me in my Acadian Forest.  Here are my Top 3 observations:

1 - The Acadian Forest is a special place

Tucked between the softwood Boreal Forest to the north and the hardwood forests to the south, we have the best of both worlds.

Left to its own, seven species eventually takeover-- the 'Grand Daddy' Eastern Hemlock, the iconic White Pine, the stoic Red Spruce along with the trickster American Beech, the mighty Red Oak,  majestic Maples and impressive Yellow Birch (and in our case, stately White Ash)

And the supporting characters -- Balsam Fir, White Spruce and White Birch to get things started: an assortment small understory trees like Iron Wood, Striped Maple, Witch Hazel; a multitude of plants, fungi and lichen plus all the animals that call it home year round or come here seasonally to have their babies.

Thinned 27 years ago with about 1/2 the trees removed, it looks just about the same today

2 - The forest changes s  l  o  w  l  y

What you see is what you will know.*

We have lived here for 28 years and the forest looks pretty much as it did in 1990.

And the mature forest with the seven dominant species ... it'll take about 125 - 150 years to get there.  If you start from scratch, your kids, kids, kids, kids, kids may get to see the results.  If you have some, hang on to it 'cause there's a long wait list.

Kevin Veinotte's Woodlot Tour

3 - Amazing people

Everyone I've met this year has been very helpful.  (details in an upcoming post)

My only question ... in a province of less than a million people where 'the forest' is of interest to a relative few, why are there so many forest-related groups?  Cooperation = progress??

This was a year of pursuing many threads down many rabbit holes.  2018 will have more focus.

UPDATE : first week of classes have been awesome! 

* a couple of qualifiers : it will change instantly if it is clear-cut, or hit by fire or disease.  We have also seen rapid changes when an area has been clear cut and then starts to regrow ... in our case by natural regeneration.  However, once the growth gets established, the changes slow.

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