Giants of Lunenburg County

Monday, January 08, 2018

UPDATE: This project has been put in the slow lane for a while.  A Hemlock killer is in our midst and it requires immediate attention.


Do you know any Giants in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, CANADA?

We’re looking for outstanding members of the Acadian Forest.

Hardwood trees like:

  • White Ash
  • American Beech
  • Red and Sugar Maple
  • Red Oak
Softwoods like:

  • Eastern Hemlock
  • White Pine
  • Red and Black Spruce
Outstanding could be size or it could be the stories told about it (the swing, the family gatherings, etc.)

The plan is to pick the three most outstanding trees in each species and create an electronic coffee book for all to enjoy at no charge hosted at the South Shore Public Library in their Community Collections later this year.

What are Giants? 
Here are some examples to kick-off the conversation.  Surely you know some bigger ‘Giants’?!?

Species      Diameter       Location

Red Oak        147/58       Wentzell Lake
White Ash      102/42       Wentzell Lake
Sugar Maple    102/40       Wentzell Lake
Eastern Hemlock 86/34       Wentzell Lake
White Pine      86/34       Wentzell Lake
Red Maple       79/31       Wentzell Lake
Yellow Birch    66/26       Wentzell Lake
Red Spruce      66/26       Wentzell Lake
American Beech  64/25       Wentzell Lake

Thank you!

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