2018 Western Woodlands Conference

Monday, March 12, 2018

Check your chainsaws at the door
The 2018 Western Woodlands Conference was held just outside New Ross (Forties) on Saturday March 3, 2018.

A busy day (and a delicious lunch :-).  Hilites:

Good news for salmon -- Eddie Halfyard from the Nova Scotia Salmon Association reported on positive salmon rehab results.  For me the take away was properly implemented policy (reducing acid rain) can have a positive environmental impact.

Silviculture for landowners -- Dave Sutherland with the Association for Sustainable Forestry provided an overview of the funding available for various treatments.

Woodlot roads -- Gerry Van Dyk from Van Dyk Excavation and Trucking provided an overview of roads and bridges on forest land.  At $15/ metre, the resource has to justify it.

Hiring a contractor -- Georg Ernst from Grant Thornton provided an overview of all the things to consider and people involved when you sell your wood.  Takeway ... hire an accountant.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid -- Ron Neville from CFIA provided an excellent update on Nova Scotia's HWA infestation and the current situation.  Lots of unknowns as we try to understand how it will affect us.

Western Wood Services Coop -- Patricia Amero, the new General Manager of the WWSC provided an update of what they are doing, a pitch for the upcoming AGM and an invitation to join.

Forest Biodiversity -- Peter Austin-Smith took us thru the new Biodiversity Guide, available for free from DNR.

Property Valuation and Taxation -- Carlos Resendes described the role of Property Valuation in determining the market value of properties.  And in what will be the subject of another post, he described how a Woodlot deemed 'Resource Exempt' -- which means minimal property taxes -- could have the status changed if the woodlot was not a 'bona fide' forest operation.  And you thought we were sleeping :-)

An excellent day and well worth the $20 admission.  Two more Woodland Conferences are coming up, see www.nswoods.ca for details.

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